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Check out my Architectural Led Lighting Designs, Animations and Projects.


Architectural Lighting Designs and Applications

My service

I prepare lighting designs of your projects and turn them into presentation videos.

I am a lighting consultant, designs and director for your architectural projects.

I produce professional application solutions for your Architectural Led Lighting projects.

I make sure that every project gets originality by preparing special designs for each project.

Mimari Led Aydınlatma

Hi my name is izzet ASLAN. I am an architectural lighting designer. You can find my designs and projects on this website. I use led lighting products in my architectural lighting designs and applications. With the DMX technology, which is the addressing technology offered by the technology era, I actively use Led lighting products when designing the outdoor lighting of the architectural buildings in the central locations, on the streets, in the parks, in the shopping malls and in the most intense use of people. Dressing dark buildings with light is like turning deserts into forests. I like to add a different perspective to the silhouettes of the cities at night with the controllable light games in tall buildings.

In Architectural Led Lighting, every project requires special attention, there are fine details at every stage. Labor, time and some coffee are required for a project to be successful.
I follow every phase from ideas and concept development to the realization of the project. I believe in traditions and include them in our innovations. All my projects have a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Man is the soul of the project. My main goal is to combine values ​​and individualities by design.